Q&A: TD SYNNEX’s IT Services Innovation and Support

by Courtney Grigsby
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Across the technology landscape, we are witnessing a notable transition toward IT services. The shift underscores a fundamental change in how businesses approach technology adoption and utilization, with a greater emphasis on comprehensive solutions and services to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Based on the 2023 edition of the TD SYNNEX Direction of Technology Report, the selling of product lifecycle services, selling own IP and the resell of packaged services each rose 150-200%. This reflects a strategic realignment in partner portfolios to meet evolving market demands.

As a leading global distributor and solutions aggregator, TD SYNNEX ultimately serves as an extension of our partners to deploy technology with confidence and provide ongoing customer support. To better understand the breadth of the TD SYNNEX services portfolio, we engaged in a Q&A session with TD SYNNEX’s subject matter experts spanning the globe, including: 

  • Fernando Ayllón – Senior Director, Services, Latin America and the Caribbean 
  • Stephen Ennis – Vice President, Technology Acceleration, Europe
  • Noorul Huq – Center of Excellence and Solutions Director, Asia Pacific and Japan
  • Joe Pittillo – Senior Vice President, Services, North America

This article is a transcript of an interview conversation. The content has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Empowering Partners: TD SYNNEX’s Tailored Support for Partners of All Levels

Starting with the big picture, what is the overarching vision that drives TD SYNNEX Services in supporting our partners throughout their technical sales lifecycle? 

    Stephen: At TD SYNNEX, our mission is to accelerate the adoption, implementation, and utilization of technology, both for our valued partners and vendors. We achieve this through an extensive array of services carefully designed with our partners in mind. Our focus centers on simplifying complex technology, delivering business outcomes and driving sustainable growth and partner loyalty.

    Fernando: TD SYNNEX’s commitment extends beyond mere distribution. We engage in every step of the sales cycle to ensure our partners’ success. Firstly, we assist partners in the pre-sales process by offering comprehensive materials, and tools to accurately position solutions. Additionally, we provide supplementary services such as remote device staging to reduce costs and enhance competitiveness.

    Ultimately, our support extends throughout the entire project lifecycle, enhancing partner loyalty and driving cross-selling and upselling opportunities. By providing comprehensive white-label services, we empower our partners to excel, resulting in mutual success and growth.

    How does TD SYNNEX Services provide comprehensive support to our partners? Could you highlight some key strategies or approaches we employ? 

    Noorul: One of the standout aspects that resonates with me is how we complement our partners with our diverse range of offerings.

    Our services comprise of the following:  

    • Training and education 
    • Pre-sales, design and enablement 
    • Solution centers 
    • Configuration and integration 
    • Professional services 
    • Managed services and support 

    TD SYNNEX provides a variety of complimentary services aimed at empowering our partners. From assisting in building and validating solutions to offering partner enablement training, and even supporting with proof of concepts and demos, our goal is to equip our partners with the tools and knowledge they need to excel, ultimately driving mutual success.

    Stephen: TD SYNNEX’s approach revolves around placing our partners at the heart of everything we do. We adopt a highly flexible approach in our engagements, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our partners. For some, success may entail enhancing their service delivery capabilities. In such cases, we leverage our robust education and training resources to empower partners with technical proficiency and advanced skills.

    Our guiding mantra – ‘Teach me to do it, help me to do it, or do it for me’ – underscores our commitment to supporting partners at every stage of their journey. Ultimately, our goal is to empower partners to drive meaningful business outcomes for their customers, and we stand ready to ensure their success every step of the way.”

    How can TD SYNNEX services support partners who are trying to fit in services within the practice, and how can our services support even those who have a mature services strategy? 

    Joe: Our engagement spans a vast spectrum, reaching thousands of active resellers on a monthly basis. From the smallest SMB partner, often comprising just one or two individuals, to the largest national entities, our services touch every corner of the market.

    TD SYNNEX is structured to accommodate the full spectrum of needs, from the simplest to the most complex. Whether it’s providing guidance from day one or offering ongoing support throughout the program’s lifecycle, we’re committed to providing our partners with the support they need to achieve great business outcomes.

    Stephen: While partners strive to maintain a leading edge, the reality is that staying ahead in every aspect can be challenging. That’s precisely where we come in – bridging those critical gaps in their expertise. Our role is to complement rather than compete with our partners’ existing offerings. 

    They can trust that we provide a robust bench of capabilities that they can tap into whenever needed. Whether it’s addressing temporary technology gaps, skill shortages, or simply providing additional support during peak workloads, we’re here to fill those voids and support our partners in achieving their goals. 

    In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, agility is key. How does TD SYNNEX Services adapt its strategies to stay ahead of industry trends and meet the evolving needs of our partners? 

    Fernando: The technology landscape is undergoing rapid transformation, reshaping the way customers interact with their environments. As end-user demands grow increasingly sophisticated and complex, innovation in professional services becomes imperative.

    At TD SYNNEX, our goal is twofold: to support our business partners effectively and to generate competitive advantages for all stakeholders. Our partnership with vendors underscores our ongoing commitment to empowering our business partners.

    Joe: We have a dedicated team of subject matter experts, each aligned with specific verticals within our business. They consistently anticipate and embrace emerging opportunities, staying ahead of the curve on new product deployments and projects with our vendor partners. This proactive approach ensures that we’re always at the forefront of cutting-edge product technologies, exemplified by our proactive engagement with AI. 

    Our subject matter experts collaborate closely with top AI hardware and software providers, actively developing solutions that support our resellers through every stage of their AI journey, from initial assessments to full-scale deployments and ongoing support. Maintaining strong partnerships and continuous engagement with our vendor partner is paramount to our success and allows us to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

    TD SYNNEX’s Services team is committed to providing comprehensive support to its partners throughout the entire technical sales lifecycle, enabling them to expand their portfolios, enhance their technical expertise, and achieve global reach. 

    Interested in learning more about TD SYNNEX’s comprehensive suite of services? Visit regional landing pages for Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America

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