Soaring to New Heights: TD SYNNEX Redefines Standards in Technology Education 

by Dakota Fitzgerald
8 minutes read

We’re excited to announce a significant milestone: our co-workers have achieved over 20,000 specialized skills course completions! This accomplishment underscores TD SYNNEX’s unwavering commitment to providing top-tier support in the ever-evolving technology industry.  

Our team’s dedication to continuous learning and professional development ensures they’re equipped with cutting-edge knowledge to effectively support our partners, setting a standard of excellence that benefits our entire ecosystem. 

Here is a global summary of our coworkers’ specialized skills course completions, categorized by technology area: 

At TD SYNNEX, we understand the importance of continuous learning in staying competitive amidst rapid technological advancements. Our Global Specialized Skills (GSS) team, responsible for developing courses in-house, is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations with the latest knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital age.  

Our specialized skills training is a direct response to the pressing IT skills gap, designed to equip TD SYNNEX employees and partners with the tools they need to succeed today and in the future. 

Bridging the Skills Gap: Innovative Training for a Competitive Edge  

The technology industry’s rapid evolution fuels a significant skills gap as demand for new competencies outpaces qualified professionals, hindering growth and competitiveness. From a partner perspective, navigating the challenges of scale, resource allocation, and the rapid evolution of technology are paramount. 

According to IDC, the IT skills shortage is anticipated to affect nine out of ten organizations by 2026, with staggering repercussions: a projected cost of $5.5 trillion attributed to delays, quality issues, and revenue loss. By extension, attempting to address these issues by investing and hiring certified subject matter experts can be impractical and costly.  

Additionally, the rapid pace of AI evolution underscores the urgency to stay ahead. Deep understanding and proficiency in these technologies are essential to avoid falling behind competitors. 

The 2023 edition of the TD SYNNEX Direction of Technology Report, suggests channel partners are anticipating a shift in the challenges they face between now and 2025. To prepare for these changes, partners should consider investing in the talent pipeline and finding support for the digital transformation of their own companies.  

Empowering Growth Through Continuous Learning and Strategic Collaboration 

In response to the range of hurdles facing the technology industry, TD SYNNEX empowers our existing team members to upskill and reskill in cutting-edge technologies. Partners rely on TD SYNNEX’s expertise, and this ultimately enables our partners to provide enhanced support to their customers. 

Continuous learning is essential in bridging the IT skills gap, allowing professionals to stay current with: 

  • Latest technologies 
  • Evolving methodologies 
  • Industry best practices 

At the essence of our mission is a profound commitment to join forces with innovators driving business growth and transformation. We recognize the pivotal role that our collaborators play in shaping the landscape of technology, which is why we prioritize working closely with the dedicated individuals within TD SYNNEX, who serve as trusted advisors responsible for steering partner success.  

We also cultivate robust relationships with external organizations to identify key market trends and uncover avenues for growth. While our reach extends globally, our focus remains closely connected to the needs of our partners.  

TD SYNNEX actively involves these key stakeholders in crafting our training courses, ensuring that every module reflects the evolving demands of the technology industry.  

Fueling Purpose: Tailored Learning Journeys for Lasting Impact 

We offer a diverse array of digital, self-paced specialized skills courses, tailored for learners at all levels. Our comprehensive learning paths (AI Learning Program, Cybersecurity Learning Program, Microsoft Copilot Learning Program, etc.) feature a series of courses designed to meet learners where they are. We encourage our partners to explore our extensive library to identify the most suitable starting point for their educational journey.  

Here are the top 5 courses we advise our partners to begin their upskilling journey with:  

  1. AI Business Professional  
  1. Cybersecurity Business Professional  
  1. Prompt Engineering Fundamentals  
  1. Microsoft Copilot 1: Why Copilot for M365  
  1. Microsoft Azure Migration  

Our aim is to unlock the potential of every individual. Understanding the deeper significance of their work through our courses fosters a mindset shift, leading to increased passion and drive. 

Integrating this personalized perspective into our courses can be truly transformative. It’s about empowering every individual, regardless of their role – whether at TD SYNNEX or a partner – to excel in what they love to do, instilling a sense of purpose and passion that drives meaningful change in both individuals and the interconnected world around us. 

TD SYNNEX is redefining standards in technology education, offering learning paths that pave the way for prosperous and fulfilling careers. 

To explore the specialized skills courses available from TD SYNNEX, visit Channel Academy

Channel Academy Access for Partners  

Here’s how partners can access the GSS course library on our Channel Academy platform: 

  1. Click the link in the document. 
  1. Sign in or create an account if you’re a new user. 
  1. After signing in, go to the home page. 
  1. Find the ‘Catalogue Search’ widget on the right side. 
  1. Select ‘Complete content library’ from the dropdown. 
  1. Type “GSS” in the search box and press enter. 

This will display a list of available GSS courses. Be sure to explore all pages so you don’t miss out on any content and check back often for new learning opportunities. 

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