Celebrating the Power of Women at TD SYNNEX: Honorees of CRN’s Power 100 and Women of the Channel

by Jackie Darling
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TD SYNNEX proudly celebrates the remarkable achievements of our women leaders recognized by CRN for their influence and leadership within the IT channel. This year, we are especially thrilled to honor Willa Flemate and Reyna Thompson, named to the prestigious CRN Power 100 list, which includes the most influential women leaders across IT channel organizations. At TDSYNNEX, our commitment to an inclusive culture ensures all co-workers can thrive and grow while being their authentic selves. We are also committed to creating an environment that attracts great talent and enables the growth of women leaders across the organization. As you read these incredible perspectives from our leaders on keys to success, you will see why diverse thinking, perspective, and values are critical in our industry.

The Power 100 Honorees

Willa Flemate and Reyna Thompson, these two extraordinary leaders exemplify dedication, innovation, and strategic vision, leading initiatives that have not only propelled our company forward but also paved the way for future generations of women in technology. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to fostering an inclusive environment are what set them apart as true pioneers in the industry.

Key to Success from Willa Flemate

Success as a Team Sport

“Success is not a solo journey, it’s a team sport. Trust and relationships connect our co-workers and partners together. When we inspire each other, magic happens. Focus on keeping connections alive and build a strong success plan together!”

Key to Success from Reyna Thompson

Setting the Tone and Manifesting Aspirations

“I would say a value for me has been to set the tone of a relationship early. Another would be to manifest your career aspiration. You need to seek it out…not the other way around usually.”

Advice from Women of the Channel Honorees

We also celebrate 18 other TD SYNNEX leaders who have earned their place on CRN’s Women of the Channel list. Their contributions across various sectors of our business have been invaluable, and their perspectives on the keys to success for professionals early in their career provide amazing insights into rising to the top of the technology industry:

Desiree Cruz: Embrace Servitude and Leadership

“Adopt a mindset of servitude, where you prioritize helping others and supporting your peers, partners, vendors, and all in what you do. Being intentional, build trust, foster meaningful relationships lays a strong foundation for your future. Be a listener and a leader of your destiny.”

Cheryl Day: Lead with Optimism and Courage

“As you embark on your career journey, I encourage you to lead with optimism and courage, and to let your passions and strengths shine through. Viewing setbacks as opportunities for learning is key to both personal and professional growth. Strive to deepen your industry knowledge, acknowledge the value you bring, and share your unique insights and creative ideas with confidence.”

Brenna Farahvashi: Advocate for Yourself and Value Your Champions

“New opportunities are often given to the people that raise their hand, so it is extremely important that you advocate for yourself and make your goals and expectations for your career known early and often. You will often be your greatest cheerleader, but when you find others that are willing to stand beside you and cheer with you, hold them close and never let them go. Some of my greatest champions and friends are people I’ve met while working here.”

Monique Griggley: Be Kind to Your Mind

“Be Kind to your Mind! It is easy to compare your real life to someone else’s highlight reel. This type of comparison can cause unnecessary stress and worry. Focus on comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, last month, or last year. This is when you see your ‘Glow-up’!”

Manal Guirguis: Authenticity and Resilience

“Be authentic, demonstrate consistency & resiliency, and offer support with kindness in all dealings. This creates trust and builds strong relationships across various aspects of work & life! Authenticity is also essential when addressing difficult topics and will help in bringing successful resolutions to all involved. And of course – as mentioned – brings deepened trustful relationships.”

Monet Huang: The Power of Networking and Curiosity

“Network as much as you can and make connections. You never know who you are going to work with or for in the future. Be curious!”

Kirsti Kirby: Gratitude and Advocacy

“To first be grateful to work in this amazing industry with such incredible people and to work with technology which truly does change people’s lives for the better. I would also encourage people starting out to figure out who the successful people are based on their definition of success, and to take a keen interest in finding out how those people became successful. Hard work and a good attitude are a must, along with being your own career advocate. Listen much louder than you speak and find purpose beyond title and money as those things don’t fuel the flame long term.”

Barbara Koch: Embrace Growth and Collaboration

“Embrace each chance to grow, even if it is not the most convenient path. Challenge yourself. Stay curious and be passionate about what you are doing. Thriving with a growth mindset and innovative thinking. Build trusted relationships, grow your professional network, and help your team grow. Encourage collaboration.”

Jessica McDowell: Own Your Career Path

“Take control of your own career path and never assume someone is paving it for you. Decide where you want to be in 1, 3, or 5 years, let your leadership know your aspirations, and hold them accountable for giving you the tools to achieve your career goals.”

Lisa McGarvey: Embrace Challenges and Supportive Networks

“Set goals to challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and surround yourself with people who encourage you and help to support your confidence and ability to succeed.”

Calhoun McKinney: The Value of Curiosity

“Stay curious. Curiosity can help you overcome barriers, do hard things, grow in resiliency, and build stronger relationships. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, then roll up your sleeves and do the work!”

Kaye McMillan: Cultivate Your Personal Board of Directors

“Find a mentor, or mentors, to provide valuable feedback and career advice. Different people can advise you on different aspects of success such as presentation and negotiation skills, industry knowledge, how to highlight your contributions and accomplishments, work-life integration. Consider this group your own personal board of directors.”

Meredith Payne: Intentional Leadership

“Be intentional about surrounding yourself with leaders and other professionals who think differently than you and have unique perspectives to offer than your own. The wisdom that we gain from the people that we solve real problems with is greater than any course that money can buy.”

Patricia Rotondo: Harnessing the Power of Passion

“The one key to success I would offer professionals early in their career is to have ‘passion’ for the work they do. Passion as your foundation allows you to bring your authentic self to work each day, it drives innovation, and it draws people to you. Passion within a person is contagious for empowering others to their success.”

Jennifer Ryerson: Embrace Authenticity and Continuous Growth

“Embrace your authentic self. Your individual opinions and perspectives are unique and demonstrate a self-assurance in your ability to succeed. Being true to yourself allows you to leverage your strengths, effectively communicate, and remain open to learning and growing your knowledge base. Genuine and authentic relationships you establish early on will continue to benefit you throughout your professional journey.”

Judith Schreibmayer: Passion and Initiative

“What helped me when I started my career, was my passion for what I was doing. My recommendation is also to take initiative (don’t wait until someone asks you), communicate well, and gain trust with the people you work with. My personal motto was and still is: ‘Say what you do and do what you say – and – always treat people the way you want to be treated’.”

Lisa Schroeder: Embrace Risk and Continuous Learning

“Be willing to take risks, ask lots of questions, and stand out to differentiate yourself. Seek a mentor that can help you grow professionally and develop your skill set for career development. Learn new skills, volunteer for special projects, and be open to any new opportunities.”

Kate Sneider: Curiosity and Industry Knowledge

“Be curious – dive in and learn whatever industry or technology you are working within. Read industry articles and keep abreast of changes in the market. Ask intelligent questions to your key stakeholders and form meaningful relationships. The sooner you can understand the goals and objectives of your team, the better impact you can make within your role.”

It is clear that their collective wisdom forms a profound blueprint for success in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business. From embracing authenticity and resilience to leading with courage and optimism, each leader has shared invaluable advice that not only highlights their individual journeys but also serves as guiding lights for professionals at all stages of their careers.

The advice from Willa Flemate, Reyna Thompson, and all our CRN Women of the Channel honorees is a testament to the power of diverse perspectives and the importance of building a supportive, inclusive, and innovative workplace. At TD SYNNEX, we are immensely proud of their achievements and are committed to fostering an environment where such exemplary leadership continues to thrive and inspire.

We are grateful for their contributions and look forward to seeing how their ongoing efforts will shape the future of our industry. Stay updated and see how their stories unfold by following the latest updates and releases in our newsroom.

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