Legacy or Launchpad? Reimagine the Power of Your On-Prem Infrastructure 

by Malory Nagy
5 minutes read

The cloud’s impact is undeniable, revolutionizing how businesses operate and offering significant benefits. But in the wake of this transformation, a critical question arises: what about your on-prem infrastructure? Is it simply a collection of servers and passive data storage, or could it hold untapped potential?  

As we progress further in the digital revolution, it’s crucial to reassess the role of on-prem infrastructure. Gone are the days when this technology existed in isolation. Today, it must work hand in hand with cloud and emerging technologies to unlock the full potential of transformation. 

Reimagine Your Infrastructure: 5 Questions to Get You Started

Starting the journey of infrastructure transformation requires a clear understanding of your current IT landscape. By asking these pivotal questions, you can uncover the strengths and limitations of your on-premises infrastructure.  

Here’s the challenge, take a critical look at your IT environment and ask yourself: 

  1. Peak Performance: Are applications running slower than ever, disrupting productivity and efficiency? 
  2. Hybrid Harmony: Do you see the cloud as a competitor, rather than a potential collaborator that can seamlessly manage workloads alongside your on-prem infrastructure? 
  3. AI Integration Ready: Is your on-prem infrastructure equipped to handle the demanding workloads of AI and machine learning, including the intensive compute and storage needs? 
  4. Trusted Security: Is your on-prem infrastructure secure enough to safeguard sensitive information and withstand potential security threats? 
  5. Power Play: Are you maximizing energy efficiency in your on-prem environment and utilizing cooling technologies and server configurations to reduce power consumption? 

From Storage to Strategy: How Market Shifts are Shaping the Future of On-Prem

As businesses navigate the complexities of digital transformation, the role of on-prem infrastructure has never been more pivotal. Market trends paint a clear picture: by 2025, 85% of infrastructure strategies will embrace a hybrid approach, integrating on-prem, colocation, cloud, and edge delivery options1. This shift is fueled by the exponential growth of data storage (projected to reach $774 billion by 20322) and the increasing adoption of AI. The global AI infrastructure market is expected to reach a staggering $309.4 billion by 20313, with AI-enabled servers poised to dominate 50% of the server market by 20274

These trends highlight a crucial point, 64% of IT leaders view data center design as a strategic imperative, with the potential to create a competitive advantage5. In the data-driven age, on-prem transformation is key to unlocking data potential, fueling innovation, and positioning your business for long-term success. 

The On-Prem Revolution: To Be Continued…

Is it time to re-evaluate your on-prem environment? A revolutionary approach to infrastructure is on our horizon, one that empowers your business to leverage the strengths of on-prem alongside the power of cloud, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies. The journey is just beginning – sign up for updates and be among the first to gain valuable insights on this strategic transformation.  

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