MicroScope: It’s Time to Gen-Up on AI-capable PC Use Cases

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Simon Quicke, editor at TechTarget’s MicroScope, recently interviewed Brandon Lieberthal, Vice President of PC Systems and Print Solutions for Europe at TD SYNNEX, about the anticipated impact of AI PCs on the hardware market.

“When we talked about technology changes on personal computers in the past, it was really either around an operating system or about a process of speed, and not to take away. But the fact remains those were typically the two things that were driving the step change. Now, it’s going to be looking at it from a slightly different angle. Hardware is going to enable the applications and the use cases.”

Brandon Lieberthal, Vice President of PC Systems and Print Solutions for Europe at TD SYNNEX

Quirke also discussed how TD SYNNEX is positioned to support channel partners in this transition with its Destination AI program:

Lieberthal said the distributor has made significant efforts to get itself into a position where it can support the channel around AI, recently cutting the ribbon on its Destination AI programme to provide end-to-end support to partners. The channel player is covering a handful of key areas to ensure it can provide the support partners need.

Read the full article here.

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