Uniting for a Greener Tomorrow

by Adam Rutstein
6 minutes read

This article is a transcript of an interview conversation. The content has been edited for clarity and brevity.

With the pressing global call for environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility, the collaborative efforts between TD SYNNEX and Dell stand out as a beacon of innovation and commitment toward a more sustainable future. The partnership, highlighted in a recent fireside chat, underscores the pivotal role of collaboration in driving impactful sustainability solutions within the tech industry. This dialogue, featuring myself, Sr. Director of Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability at TD SYNNEX, and representatives from Dell’s sustainability team, Chris Ettery and Sarina Romaguera, sheds light on the essence of our partnership.

The Power of Collaboration Between TD SYNNEX and Dell in Driving Sustainable Solutions

This partnership not only aims to enhance sustainability initiatives but also exemplifies the industry’s shift toward integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles—a trend echoed in the findings of the Direction of Technology report. As businesses and their stakeholders increasingly prioritize ESG management, the collaborative innovations of TD SYNNEX and Dell set a precedent for the tech industry’s collective effort toward a greener future.

I opened the dialogue, emphasizing the motive behind the conversation, “as we embark on our Earth month activities, we wanted to speak with some of our partners in the Channel and really hear what they’re doing from a sustainability standpoint.” This sets the stage for a deep dive into the collaborative efforts aimed at fostering a more sustainable tech environment.

The conversation kicked off with an introduction to Dell’s sustainability program, underscoring its foundational pillars and the critical importance of addressing climate change. Chris Ettery highlighted Dell’s alignment with scientific research, focusing on the dual challenges of resource use and energy consumption.

“When we look at our program, we don’t just focus on, say, how do we address the carbon associated with the use of our products, we really kind of get into thinking about. Well, how can we make our products less carbon intensive in terms of the types of materials that go into them, or how those products are recycled, reused at the end of life.” This approach not only tackles the immediate impacts of their products but also considers their entire lifecycle, a perspective that is vital for meaningful sustainability.

The partnership between TD SYNNEX and Dell notably shines in their concerted efforts toward promoting the circular economy, echoed in TD SYNNEX’s Corporate Citizenship Report. A key aspect of their collaboration revolves around incorporating recycled materials into products and ensuring these products are designed with future recyclability in mind. Such initiatives are not merely about sustainability; they represent a transformative shift towards a more responsible and efficient use of resources across the entire product lifecycle. Chris Ettery’s mention of Dell’s ambitious goals, such as taking back a product for every product sold and incorporating 50% recycled or renewable materials, underscores the scale of their commitment.

Sarina Romaguera brought attention to how Dell supports TD SYNNEX and its partners through circular business solutions and services. She explained, “Dell provides TD SYNNEX and our partners with circular business solutions and services that can be offered to customers… through this recovery services you offer, it has a tool that can allow the partners and customers to navigate online real-time access, and also reporting and secure box transfer of the assets that they will return.” These include recovery services that enable partners and customers to retire old equipment securely and sustainably, thereby encouraging the recycling of electronic waste. Romaguera’s discussion on the Dell Technology Partner Tech Refresh Program highlights the essence of partnership in sustainability—providing tools and programs that empower stakeholders to contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem.

Reflecting on the importance of industry-wide collaboration for achieving scalable impact further amplifies the message that sustainability is not a solo journey but that it really takes collaboration across the industry to be able to drive impact at scale. The shared initiatives and goals between TD SYNNEX and Dell illustrate a powerful synergy that leverages each company’s strengths to foster a more sustainable tech industry.

As this partnership continues to evolve, it serves as a compelling example of how companies can come together to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. The efforts of TD SYNNEX and Dell in advancing the circular economy and reducing carbon emissions pave the way for not only a more sustainable future but also for the innovation that sustainability can inspire. Through collaboration, education, and a relentless pursuit of environmental excellence, TD SYNNEX and Dell are setting a standard for the tech industry, demonstrating that together, we can achieve far more than we can alone in our quest for a sustainable planet.

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