Channel Futures: New TD SYNNEX CEO Preparing for ‘Evolution’

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Channel Futures sat down with TD SYNNEX’s outgoing CEO Rich Hume and incoming CEO Patrick Zammit to discuss the leadership transition and explore Zammit’s priorities when he starts his new role on Sept. 1.

In the article, Zammit said one of his main focus areas as CEO will be creating awareness around and enabling partners to leverage AI:

“AI is one of our leading priorities. AI is not only going to impact software, it’s goung to impact the whole infrastructure so that we can delivr business outcomes to the end users. We’re talking about AI PCs, AI servers, AI switches and AI storage. And there will be many more technologies impacted by it.”

The article also spent time reflecting on Hume’s career with TD SYNNEX. When asked what he considered to be his main impact during his time with the company, Hume said the following:

“I’m very proud of the culture that we built at TD SYNNEX. It’s an entrepreneurial culture where we keep the people as our primary focus. Management is in service to those individuals to help them be successful with their careers, and personally prosper while they’re pursuing their careers. For me, that will be the most important thing.”

Read the full article here.

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