“Mission critical real time communications is in our DNA”

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TD SYNNEX and HP Poly create a powerhouse partnership bringing best-in-class collaboration solutions for teams at home and in the office. We chatted with Paul Dunne, Senior Director – EMEA Channel Organisation, for HP Poly to get his insights on the latest trends in AI and hybrid work.

AI is at the forefront of many of the modern workplace technologies being launched at the moment. How are you evolving the portfolio in line with what’s now possible?

The ability to transmit and receive human speech with all of its nuances will become increasingly important as will the ability to pick up body language and human facial expressions via video. AI will be able to facilitate the increasing need for that nuance which will be transformative moving forward.

How do you see the office environment evolving in the coming year and how is Poly adapting to these changes?

We expect the current trend in open plan offices designed to encourage collaboration to continue. This can create enormous competitive advantages for businesses that harness their talent, but it often means that knowledge workers struggle to concentrate in these environments. We design headsets that manage voice, noise and media to ensure these valuable team members can make the most out of modern office design regardless of the task they are working on.

How does Poly’s distribution model support sustainability?

At HP- Poly, sustainability plays a big part in every decision we make and our goal is to become the world’s most sustainable and just technology company, which is just the right thing to do. The same is true of any partner or reseller we collaborate with, so this was definitely a consideration for our distribution model.

Our products and solutions give knowledge workers the option to work effectively from multiple locations and on the move. Where they have choice, they will naturally choose to work flexibly and this tends to reduce their carbon footprint.

Poly’s portfolio covers all the platform plays. It’s a very quickly evolving space, tell us a bit more about your place within that user experience.

Knowledge workers typically use 2 – 3 platforms in a single day. We design our solutions to ensure the user can switch seamlessly between platforms with the same intuitive controls available to them. As the platforms evolve, HP’s strong relationship with the platform providers will ensure a rich and intuitive user experience on all Poly devices.

Poly’s heritage in high quality communications technology gave you a great head start in the explosion of modern workplace technology. How are you guys keeping ahead of the curve?

We have been ahead of the curve ever since Neil Armstrong spoke those famous word from the moon through one of our headsets. Mission critical real time communications is in our DNA, expect us to continue to lead the industry in terms of innovation and user experience.

Tell us a bit more about why this new partnership between TD SYNNEX and Poly is important in the modern workplace landscape?

An increasing number of resellers are realising how strategic collaboration is for their clients and they are gearing up to sell collaboration solutions and related services. We are also seeing a steady increase in applications to join Amplify, HP’s partner program, from resellers who want to sell collaboration solutions and services. Working alongside TD SYNNEX, we plan to access the increasing breadth of resellers to support the increased demand.

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